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The project main aim is fostering the scientific, technological and innovation (STI) cooperation between Tunisia and EU in the Thematic Priority Areas mostly related with science and technology based industrial development.
Improve STI visibility, mutual knowledge and information flow between Tunisia and EU in the fields of research, innovation and technology transfer related to the Thematic

Instruments to support local institutions (organisations and enterprises) and act as multiplier for cooperation in R&D programmes and transnational technology transfer

Contribute to the improvement of researchers and technologists mobility and foster EU-Tunisia STI institution cooperation
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December 20, 2007

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CORDIS launches new FP7 services for Science in Society and Social Sciences and Humanities at the following links:
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STREN project will hold its closing conference on January 29, 2008 entitled “Strengthening Tunisian and European cooperation in the field of Sciences, Technology and Innovation”.

For further information, please see the programme:

To subscribe, please download the registration file (registrationfile_conference.doc) and send it by e-mail to: or by fax to: 71 782 742 before January 28, 2008.

Partner search facility
Intermediaries, Researchers and Technologists
Database providing a list of EU and Tunisian research and technology organisations, researchers and technologists which could represent potential partners for STI collaboration projects. [More]
STI collaboration projects and related research outcomes
Database containing an inventory of past and ongoing international scientific and technological joint research projects. [More]
Open call for partnership
Database made up of Expression of interest offering  and   searching  for   collaborations.
Expression of interest [More]
Online Advice [More]

  STREN is a project financed by the EU 6th Framwork Program for R & D
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